A competitor for the title of largest land mammal to ever live was a relative of the rhinoceros. The Paraceratherium may have been larger than ancient elephants, or may not have been.

Paraceratherium facts

  • It was 8 metres long and 4.8 metres at the shoulders
  • It weighed 20 metric tons
  • Its skull was over 2 metres long
  • It had a long neck for browsing leaves from trees
  • It lived in Asia during the Oligocene
  • Its extinction in the early Miocene might be due to mastodonts arriving from Africa, followed by their predators Amphicyon and Hyainoilourus.

With thanks to Donald R. Prothero’s book “Prehistoric Mammals” for this information.

Paraceratherium transouralicum by Abelov2014 CC BY-SA 3.0Paraceratherium transouralicum by Abelov2014 CC BY-SA 3.0