Where do Giant Squid live?

You’re more likely to see Giant Squid washed up on beaches than out in open waters. These elusive animals are rarely spotted. Perhaps because they live 300 to 1,000 metres beneath the ocean surface.

Take heart however. If you’ve ever sailed on the sea, there’s a chance Giant Squid were nearby. Judging from the distribution of beach remains, they live worldwide. Though Giant Squid evidently prefer temperate waters to the cold polar and warm tropical regions.

Giant Squid are truly enormous. Females grow up to 13 metres and males up to 10 metres. Despite their size, they only live for five years. That’s less than twice the life expectancy of a pet hamster.

To grow so large in such a short time, the Giant Squid have to eat a lot. It’s likely they live in areas with plentiful food. Scientists looking into stomach contents have found fish, other squid species, and even bits of Giant Squid!

If you really want to see a Giant Squid in the wild, you could try tracking Sperm Whales. The whales are the Giant Squid’s only known regular predator.

Japanese researchers did just that. In September 2004 they took the first ever photographs of a Giant Squid in the wild. The pictures showed that Giant Squid hunt aggressively and do not wait for food to drift by, as some had previously suggested.

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